Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Mix! - Dvi-Ja(h) Reggae - Hindu / Indian themed reggae mix


Click on links below to see more about the artists.

Some notes:
Delhi Sultanate is something I recently came across and he's pretty cool.

Requisite Apache Indian included.

Shri Ganesh se shuru kiya, of course ;)

Samba n The Thadi (or Thabi?) Bitos is Nepali - classic Marley song with some Nepali additions; he's a very nice singer, but only seems to have done one song professionally (the one included here, check below for Youtube link to video).

01Jai Shri GaneshI Made Sentana feat. Ramona Graham-- (2008)
02Third EyeMidnite / I-Grade feat. Jah RubenJah Grid (2006)
03Desi Dancehall JungleDelhi Sultanate-- (2009)
04Through We RastaFunkadesiUncut Roots (2001)
05RastafariLee "Scratch" PerryPanic in Babylon (2004)
06Mental SlaveryDelhi Sultanate feat. Sukhmani-- (2008)
07Om Numah ShivayaApache IndianKarma (2001)
08OmegaDezarieFya (2002)
09Police PatrolDelhi Sultanate feat. Sukhee-- (2008)
10Baby KrishnaLee "Scratch" PerryPanic in Babylon (2004)
11WessideMidnite / Lion TribeSuns of Atom (2006)
12B-Boys on the Corner [surprise riddim]Delhi Sultanate-- (2008)
13All ReligionsApache IndianTime for Change (2005)
14Light of JahNiyoRahA Different Age (2005)
15Jalado ye Duniya (Burn This World)Delhi Sultanate feat. Dhruv Sangari-- (2008)
16Get Up Stand Up (Utha Jaga)Samba n The Thadi Bitos-- (2002?)



    Good Bloog my friend!! Congratulations!!

    good luck!! See you!

  2. Really loved the music. Though can't get much details of them in net. Are there any more music available of them?

  3. Hi Tarun - if you click the links in the 'playlist' above, you should get to more information on each of the artists.

    If that doesn't work, let me know which artist you're interested in and I can tell you more.

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