Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Indian Reggae Mix: Dvi-Ja(h) Reggae Two: Dharmic Riddims

Back with a brand new Indian/South Asian/Hindu composed/themed/flavoured mix: Dvi-Ja(h) Reggae Two: Dharmic Riddims! I think this mix is even better than the first one.

From Parvez's "Asian Rocker" (brilliant heavy beat) to the Hindu riddim dancehall tracks of Elephant Man and Rage to some more Apache Indian to Cornershop's typically eccentric "Motion the 11" to the electronic/reggae/desi Asian Dub Foundation tracks to Jewish American reggae singer Matisyahu's refashioning of George Harrison's "Within In Without You" (keeping the Indian flavour of the Beatles' original) to Bombay Dub Orchestra's remix of the classic Marley & the Wailers "Lively Up Yourself"---this time we even have some Hindu/Urdu-language roots reggae, Parvez's (Dub Factory) "फिर मुझे याद आने लगे हैं" and "कैसे गुजर रही दिल में जावा", with vocals by Ram Shankar.

01Asian RockerThe Dub FactoryQawwali Meets Reggae (2008)
02HinduRageHindu Riddim (2009)
03CyberabadAsian Dub FoundationEnemy of the Enemy (2003)
04The IsraelitesApache Indian / Desmond DekkerTime for Change (2005)
05Phir Mujhe Yaad Aane Lage HainThe Dub FactoryQawwali Meets Reggae (2008)
06Motion the 11Cornershop / Jack Wilson & KojakHandcream for a Generation (2002)
07Belly DanceElephant ManHindu Riddim (2009)
08EverydayApache IndianTime for Change (2005)
09Within You Without YouMatisyahu / Easy Star All*StarsEasy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band (2009)
10Kaise Guzr Rahi Dil Mein JawaaThe Dub FactoryQawwali Meets Reggae (2008)
11Armagideon TimeApache Indian / Yami BoloMake Way for the Indian (1995)
12Lively Up Yourself [Bombay Dub Orchestra remix]Bob Marley & the Wailers / Bombay Dub OrchestraRoots, Rock, Remixed (2008)
13Warring DholAsian Dub FoundationTank (2005)
14Reggae Meets the EastThe Dub FactoryQawwali Meets Reggae (2008)


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